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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Lesser Known Brother Of Max Factor

My friends keep sending me pictures of their daughters.


At some point Chris Hansen will show up at my door and ask me what I think I'm doing.

They are both under 3 years old but at some point they have to stop. What's the cut-off date? 4? 5? (Update: To all the people e-mailing me, NO, I will NOT send you copies of the pictures!)

Last night on Dr. 90210, a 25-year old woman was having a breast lift. Her dad was not at the operation but was there when the bandages came off. I think that if your daughter is 25 and has some kind of breast surgery, as a dad you get 1 second, maybe 2, to give a clinical review and then move on to something else. Basically, make sure they're about the same size and the nipples are centered (i.e. your daughter is cross-nippled). That's it. The guy last night was practically drooling over his daughters breasts! Daddy's little girls! Ick Factor 8!

It totally made me lose my erection. (That's a joke people!)


DeborahSmith said...

I have a three year old daughter and I try to not take naked pics of her. I mean you can do tub shots, etc. in such a way that the bubbles cover everything up.
On a completely different note (my mind works in truly odd ways) I was babysitting for three boys who were brothers and we were looking through their family albums. All of a sudden I look at a page and can't believe what I am seeing. The youngest of the three points to the pic that I noticed and says "Oh and thats my mommy's pee pee. Thats Williams head coming out of mommy's pee pee" The little boy was I think 6 at the time. I mean I understand that the mother was a nurse and teaching her sons about anatomy etc but YUCK! I wouldn't want my children knowing my (insert favored term here) better than my gyno.
Anyway back to your topic I don't think I would be sending my friends full naked pics period.

talljay said...

The pictures of my friends' kids don't bother me...yet. I was just using it to juxtapose with the Dad staring at his daughters (insert your favorite term here).

Putting pics of your cootch in the family album is odd...whether there's a head coming out of it or not.

Anonymous said...

not sure that dad should even be there. I think that review should hae been maybe a bikini shot at most.

talljay said...

Maybe dad wanted to see what he was paying for?

I should note that this same woman was on a previous season having her labia reduced. I don't remember dad checking in on that one. Perhaps because she had a boyfriend at the time (who was getting a scrotum lift).

Anonymous said...

. . . had to comment on talljay's comment - -
Was the boyfriend getting a scrotum life from Dad? because the boy was checking on the daughter's labia reduction?? hahaha

talljay said...

He seemed like more of a creepy dad than a over-protective dad.