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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When It Dings, Your Baby Is Fully Cooked

Watch how quickly this post runs off the tracks...

There was a little blurb about the Army using a Doppler radar to detect beating hearts through walls.

This reminds of an episode of Star Trek where, at some point, they play everyone's heartbeat sounds through the PA and find there is someone hidden on the ship. I don't know the name of the episode but I do know someone that does. You can give him just about any summary or even small snippet of an episode and he can tell you which one it was. For example:

Which is the episode with Quatloos?
Which is the episode with the blonde who wears the silver dress that makes an X over her breasts?
Which is the episode where Bones says "Damn it, I'm a doctor not an escalator."

My friend seems quite embarrassed by all this knowledge but he shouldn't be embarrassed.

He should be ashamed.

What was this post about? Oh, yeah. Doppler radar. And what is the best, non-military use they could think of for this technology?

"[...] this technology could be incorporated into cars as a sophisticated baby monitor, which would mean no more excuses for leaving your kid in the car."

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