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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Do You Like Green Eggs Anus Ham?

Tomorrow I'll start to carb-load for the marathon. Sometime in the past I read that before carb-loading you should carb-unload. Basically that means the Atkins diet. I figured I could handle that...for one meal.

I decided to have some eggs for dinner but after some discussion with a friend decided to really man-up and go for the ultimate egg meal. An egg, egg omelet. That is an omelet filled with a fried egg and a hard boiled egg. Here's a picture.

All I added was salt, pepper and hot sauce. The difference in textures between the three eggs made for a surprisingly not awful meal. I'd like to say something funnier, like it had the texture of blue whale semen or tasted like my ex-girlfriend's anus but I don't know what either of those are like, thankfully.

I also had a salad with some cottage cheese but I was still hungry. I searched around looking for dessert but all I had was carb-laden cookies and granola bars and such. Then I found something.

Despite knowing better, let me assure you...baking chocolate is no dessert.

I think it would lose in a taste test vs. the above referenced anus.

Next maybe I'll try an egg salad crepe.

P.S. - Did you misread the post title?

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