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Sunday, June 24, 2007

How Many Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb

Woke up this morning and the light in the hotel bathroom was out. Took a shower in relative darkness. I notified the front desk about the problem and a few minutes later someone showed up with a new bulb (one of those circular fluorescents). I said, "Ah, the new light. That was quick."

She responded with a heavy Spanish accent, "I try to fix." Uh oh.

She climbed up on a little ladder and wrenched the cover off, exposing the light. She started wrestling with the bulb itself when I noticed the light switch was in the "on" position. I said, "I'll turn the switch off for you."

After a minute or so a piece of plastic broke off and fell to the floor but the bulb remained stubbornly in the fixture. I thought about helping some more, telling her to "push up on that tab while pulling the bulb down" but the bulb finally was freed by brute force. Well, as much brute force as can be generated by someone who's 5 feet tall and maybe 100 lbs. She handed my the burned out bulb (I wonder if she'll tip me when she's done?) and I got the new bulb out and handed it to her.

It took her quite a bit of wrangling but she finally got it in. I flipped the switched and when it came on she said, "Hey!" and put out her hand for a "high five."

Dad update: Up and walking yesterday. He is on a restricted diet (clear liquids only) and I think that is bothering him more than anything.


Anonymous said...

clear liquids are ok. Vodka and Gin are clear liquids, so no problem


talljay said...

Good suggestion but he was upgraded this afternoon to "soft foods" like pudding and oatmeal.