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Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm Baaaaack

Blog on.

I'm back in Florida and my dad was back in surgery almost exactly 6 months after his last surgery. This time for colon cancer. I read the report of what they planned to do and I thought it said that they were to remove a "large, neurotic mess" and I joked about how I had one of those removed recently, but it actually said "large necrotic mass."

The doctor felt pretty confident that he got the whole thing in one chunk. They don't currently plan and chemo or radiation. They did the surgery through a 4 or 5 inch incision co-located with his bellybutton so now his stomach resembles the Death Star explosion..the enhanced one in the re-released Episode IV...oh, nevermind.

In the airport, while waiting for my connection, I noticed the shirts of the guys sitting across from me. One said, "Let's flip for it. Heads, I get tail. Tails, I get head." The other shirt said, "Let's play army. I lie down and you blow the hell outta me."



DeborahSmith said...

Welcome back. Now does this mean that your getting dates have now gone down?

talljay said...

I believe I have dated everyone in the area that I might be interested in and things didn't work out with either of them. :)

DeborahSmith said...

Well thats good news for me. :)I liked your blog so I went to all the different links you had. One of them was your homepage and I could have sworn that there was a picture gallery. Some of those pictures were captioned with comments about a wife. Now did you just photoshop a picture of a woman into some landscape or did things not work out? You don't have to answer if it is to personal. I am very nosy especially when I don't know you. I apologize if I have stepped over some invisible blogger, blogee relationship line. I am new to reading blogs.

talljay said...

Where is Lacuna (the company from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) when you need it? And do I really seem like the type that would date while being married? All the people I know who have cheated on their spouses were shorter than me so it must be a height thing. :-)

So, yes, those pics are of my ex. Nobody I've talked has a good answer about what to do with all that stuff.

DeborahSmith said...

Delete them?

talljay said...

Although I don't look at any of those pics (except when someone is pointing something out in them) I decided to take down most of the ones in the Gallery that had my ex in them.