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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shake It Up

We were in my dad's room and a show about that palm tree island in Dubai was on. They were talking about how they needed to do something to prepare for earthquakes, one having recently hit Bam, Iran.

me: You know who is from there?
Mom & Dad: Who?
me: Emeril Lagasse.
(awkward silence)
me: Get it? He's from Bam!
(much more awkward silence)
Dad: Hey, you know who comes from there?
me: Who?
Dad: That chef guy....Emeril.
(I look at my mom and we both start laughing.)
Mom: Honey. Jay just said that.
Dad: Said what?
Mom: Emeril Lagasse.
Dad: Oh, I thought he said Moammar Qaddafi.

It's like this everyday with my family.

And if you're not reading the comments, Dad has been upgraded from "clear liquids" to "soft goo" like oatmeal and pudding.

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