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Friday, June 29, 2007

What A Tool

After several days on pirate radio, I got DSL installed at my parents' house, along with a wireless router. The kit came with 5 filters. They need 6 but can get by for now. Actually, they had 14, yes, FOURTEEN devices plugged into the phone jacks before the DSL went in. Phones, faxes, modem, ringers, WebTV, alarm and god-knows-what.

Then there's the whole role-reversal thing. When I was a kid, I'd help my dad with all kinds of stuff.
Me: What can I do to help?
Dad: Get me a screwdriver.
Me (handing it to him): Here you go.
Dad: No, I need a Phillips.
So, I'm putting in the DSL and my dad asks how he can help. I'm moving furniture around and he's not allowed to lift more than five lbs. for a week. So I asked him for a screwdriver.

He brought me one with eight interchangeable tips.

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Wolfger said...

Ha! Can't put one over on the old man...