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Monday, January 26, 2009

Note To Self: Don't Just Delete...Block Sender!

9am - email received. I am CC'ed.


I see you have been very busy.
  • The KMB11 is moving along.
  • YTM507 needs another month since the 506 problems have not been resolved.
  • We await a reply from Jombi in regards to the Hokdop and Redop.
  • The Sampar document is not complete. I will have Urbootea look into it.
I do not know Mobo, Jombi, Sampar, Urbootea or Maradapanan. I have no idea what any of these projects are. After seconds of my precious time, I determined that I was incorrectly copied on this email and deleted.

10:30 am - email received.
Maradapanan is attempting to recall this message.
Now I wonder, did it take an hour and a half to realize that he sent this to the wrong place or did it take that long to figure out how to try to recall a message? What is he trying to accomplish? Why am I thinking about this?

11am - email received.
By mistake you were copied on this email. Please ignore it. Sorry for the disruption.
Oh for chrissakes! Now what should I do? Should I reply and tell not to worry about? If I don't will he send me another unnecessary email? Will I be able to get any work done today or will it all be spent wait for another "email shoe" to drop?

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