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Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Post Is Free Except For The Mental Tax

What's the most egregious case of price vs. what you actually pay?

You're first thought might be your cell phone bill and I'd agree that's probably pretty bad. $39.99 a month turns out to cost $50, a 25% increase.

If you still have a regular, non-fancy phone line like me than your $12/month turns into $20, a ridiculous 67% more.

In Las Vegas recently I rented a car for $8.50/day for four days. Bill $59 after 74% airport access fee, facility charge, rental tax, state tax and vehicle license fee.

But I think I've found the craziest of them all. Air Berlin. Round trip (it's actually worse for one way but I'm trying to be nice) from Berlin to Copenhagen. Airfare 2 Euros plus taxes (6 Euros) plus fuel surcharge (50 Euros!) for a total of 58 Euros. But wait! Even though that is the total cost of the flight, there is a 15 Euro service charge to book it. How you might get on the flight without booking it is not explained. So from a 2 Euro fare, we end up at 73 Euros for a most egregious 3550% increase!

And that doesn't include fees for optional services like food, drinks, baggage or landing on land (too soon?). Holy scheisse!

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