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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bad Acronyms for $600, Alex

Do not laugh. This is no joke.

My company sent out an e-mail titled "February CUM Release". My first thought was, "Now that's a company benefit I can use!" Or maybe someone was just having some Valentine's Day fun (certainly more than me).

A little research and I found this:

Step 12: Verify CUM of Ship-From Customer Items
For each Ship-From Customer Item under CUM Management, verify the CUM shipped quantity against internal shipment records and external systems [...]. Manually verify that:
  • the CUM shipped quantity was calculated accurately based on the CUM Management Rule [...];
  • the CUM shipped quantity matches the external system CUM shipped quantity after CUM Keys are assigned.
Which is from page 31 of this .pdf file.


cluefairy said...

that is hysterical.

talljay said...

If it gets to be too much, think about baseball. :)