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Sunday, February 18, 2007

What You Looking At, Willis?

I kind of use this blog as an adjunct memory. I assume at some point in the future I'll read through the whole thing but, for now, I only re-read posts if I'm referring back to them or if someone gets to my blog using some weird search term. And when I say weird, I mean that in a relative sense. Some of the "normal" searches that lead to my blog are:

  • I hate nerds
  • Thanks for the gumball Popeye
and the occasional
  • vaginagirl
I'd list some of the weird searches but I've forgotten what they were. Why did I start this post?

Oh yeah. I thought I already posted about how my oven exploded the other day but apparently, I forgot to do that too. What I really need is a place online to keep track of my thoughts. More about that at the end of this post.

OK. Back to the exploding oven. Well, maybe the word "exploding" is over-doing it a bit. And maybe the word "oven" is also. What happened was I was making lasagna. After 40 or so minutes of baking I went to switch on the broiler to brown the cheese a bit. As I flipped the knob from "bake" to "off" (with the plan to continue on to "broil" which, I see, I already wrote was my goal) a huge spark (and I use the word "huge" in the masculine sense where, for example, "My dong is huge" translates to a 2 or 3 inch spark and here I use the word "my" as an example of a word someone else would say as my own dong is too large for description with such small words)...where was I? Yes, a huge spark shot out of the knob (not out of my dong) and the oven went dead. Fortunately, I spent 5 1/2 years getting a degree in electrical engineering and I knew how dangerous this situation could be.

So, I went downstairs and flipped the tripped breaker back on, turned the oven to "broil" and browned my cheesy lasagna. I noticed that both the "bake" and "broil" elements came on during "broil". I also noticed later that, even though the oven was off and cold, the thermostat light never went off.

I called the apartment manager and they looked at it and said they'd replace it ASAP. That was a bit over a week ago. Now my dilemma is this: Since it's going to be replaced, I don't see why I should bother to clean it. Do you change your oil just before you trade-in your car? Do you clip your nails before a manicure? Do you shoot huge sparks out of your knob before browning your lasagna?

This post should lead to some interesting search hits.

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