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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Dyson Vacuum Of SuperBowls

This will go down as the year the NFL jumped the shark.


  1. The Holy Grail of "parity" has become more like "parody". It seems each team is as bad as any other team and on any given day, any team can lose to any other. If you do a reverse-recipe search on this you'll find it is a recipe for BOREDOM.
  2. The NFL Network. On Thanksgiving they showed a game on a network that a huge number of people did not receive. They held their ground and now most cable companies at least offer the network but they certainly pissed people off. (Personally, I've only watched a snippet of a couple games since, except for the SuperBowl.)
  3. SuperBowl XLI. What a suckfest. The game sucked; did anyone not think that Florida or Ohio State or even Michigan couldn't beat either of these teams? The commercials sucked; what moron thought that suicide would be a good theme to sell cars? Halftime sucked; Prince's performance was praised as "safe" but is it really safe to play an electric guitar in the rain (purple or otherwise)?
Note: Like this year's SuperBowl, the title of this post is much better than its contents.

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