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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Bible Belt - Also Need: Bible Shirt And Pants

Everything's bigger in Texas, and that includes people's debt.

Take Don Cruz . He and his wife won the HGTV Dream home not long ago. They moved into the home without any way to pay the tax bills that would be forthcoming.

"We plan to stay," he told the Associated Press. "God will provide. We'll say a prayer, turn it over to him and he provides. It'll all work out."
Maybe God has finally gotten through to Don because the house is now up for sale.

In what is surely a complete coincidence, a bill has been introduced to the Texas House that would add "a religious bible or other book containing sacred writings of a religion" to the list of things exempt "from attachment, execution, or other seizure for the satisfaction of debts." Currently that list is limited to: money you are earning, alimony, child support, and prescribed medical devices.

Creditors hounding you? Get a Bible! A really expensive one.

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