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Friday, July 13, 2007

Gives "The Burning Bush" A Whole New Meaning

One of my favorite pastimes is seeing how people find my blog. Here's another example:

Search Engine google.co.il
Search Words sex milk from woman
Number 1, this shows that at least 1 person in Israel is not totally occupied with killing "the other side".

Number 2, what the hell is this person searching for? I have no idea. So, if you return, please let me know what you are trying to find. If not, I'll just make something up.


DeborahSmith said...

So I assume since there are no comments that you never found out what indeed this person was searching for. So what explanation did you make up?

talljay said...

My explanation will definitely have to wait for a pants-off day. :-)

DeborahSmith said...

Wow. You seemed to be pretty excited about the whole pants off day. Wait. Maybe excited isn't the word I want to use. :) I will think of one and get back to you.