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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Daily Suckfest?

Did anybody watch The Daily Show last night? The whole thing?

I sure didn't. Holy crap! What a craptastic crapfest.

Jon. Let me explain something to you. People watch your show because it is (well, it was) funny. Nobody gives a crap what you think. Sorry to hurt your feelings but that's the way it is. No funny, no watchy.

If you want to keep your job, find a way to be funny...and fast. Stop being a holier-than-thou dick.

Or the Miracle of Nielsen will have you looking for a new job.


amoose said...

In defense of Jon (okay, I kind of have a thing for him), it doesn't appear that he is freely choosing to do the show. If that's not the case, it's probably his best acting yet. I'm sure he'd rather not be on without the writing.

Does Wikipedia have the truth: "Stewart has stated that he agreed to go back on the air after he was threatened with the wholesale firing of the crew of the show. The show will continue to honor the strike, with neither the show's writers nor Stewart performing their normal writing duties."?

I wouldn't want to be in Jon's position. Since he is in the WGA, he can't *write* anything ahead of time. If you really wanted to see bad, you should have checked out even 2 minutes of the People's Choice Awards, that was pure torture and truly highlighted the effects of the strike.

talljay said...

I watched part of last night's show this morning and it also stunk.

It doesn't even matter if I agree with the WGA or not. If the show stinks, I won't watch it. And if enough people think the same, then it'll be canceled and they'll all be out of jobs.

But at least they'll have made their point...maybe.