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Friday, January 18, 2008

Say Hello To My Little Friend......Nubbin

I was going to write something about Omar bin Laden, who married a serial-marrier and now plans a horse race across North Africa but I couldn't get past the picture which shows him with braids, not dreadlocks! Also notice that he is sporting what most people call a goatee, the kind that attaches to a mustache (actually known as a "pinch".)

Fortunately for me I have recently stopped wearing such an un-cool form of facial hair. I now sport a horseshoe mustache plus nubbin (aka royale aka soul patch aka flavor saver).

But this is just a step in the evolution. Next stop is the Franz Josef.

Then I will make a brief stop at the Friendly Mutton Chops on my way to Hulihee.

Ultimately, I hope to get to the French Fork.

Whoops! I meant Liberty Fork!

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