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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Measure My Post

Thanks to this, you can now Rate My Posts! Now your "too lazy too comment" ass has no excuse. I realize most of you will be disappointed that you can only rate a post "5" but I'll know that you truly feel that my post is a 10".

There are over 550 in the archive, I expect you to go through all of them.

Normally, I like to proofread these but I'm sure there's no reason to today.

Update (1/23): Well, that experiment was fun but seeing how almost every post was rated 1 by one person and 5 by the only other, it wasn't very useful. Deleted!


Anonymous said...


talljay said...

Each of my readers is treasured, like a diamond in pile of manure.

Oh wait, I've got that picture upside-down...