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Monday, January 14, 2008

I've Got The Runs

Let's suppose you wanted to be in the Olympics. Go for the glamor of the sprints; 100m, 200m, 400m. You can't get away with taking HGH or blood doping or even pseudo-ephedrine. What can you possibly do to get an edge?

Unfortunately, all of you that were thinking "I'll cut off my legs!" are going to be disappointed. A recent IAAF ruling says that

prosthetic racing legs give [...] a clear competitive advantage.
Which explains why the Olympics are so totally overshadowed by the Paralympics. Shall the footed be banned from wheelchair racing? Quid pro quo.
Brueggemann found that Pistorius was able to run at the same speed as able bodied runners on about a quarter less energy. He found that once the runners hit a certain stride, athletes with artificial limbs needed less additional energy than other athletes.
Personally, I think this Brueggemann character has been watching too many Six Million Dollar Man re-runs.

I say, let him run. And any sprinter who feels this is unfair can cut off their legs and use the same equipment.

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