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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Do They Make Jokes During Masectomies?

Some time ago, I walked into an operating room. I was instructed to go behind a curtain, disrobe and put on a hospital gown. I was then directed to an operating table and told to lie down.

Then my gown was lifted to my armpits, the doctor grabbed my junk with one hand and dry shaved me with the disposable razor in the other.

"I bet you never had a guy shave you before!"

Number 1, please watch what you are doing. That's a razor, dude. A razor!
Number 2, please don't talk to me.
Number 3, it's cold in here.


After a couple of injections and a slice here, a snip there, it's cauterizing time!

Me: Uhmmm.I think something's burning.
Doc: It's your balls! They're on fire!
Me: Wha!?
Doc: Just kidding! I'm just closing the ends here.

When it's all over I wonder: why did I need to go behind the privacy curtain to change?

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