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Monday, January 21, 2008


One of the side effects of ordering 500 high-fiber snack bars from Amazon is the suggestions they make based on your order. But something that I don't want to put my finger on tells me not to order the Seventh Generation Recycled Toilet Paper. Not even if I was wearing these gloves (sold by ToiletPaperWorld).


Update: The original post title was "TP TNG" but someone suggested the TP needed to be attached to a colon...so there you go.


DeborahSmith said...

So I guess that means you haven't placed your order for Seventh Generation facial tissue, huh?

talljay said...

Bathroom tissue, facial tissue...where do they come up with these euphemisms?

Welcome back to the wonderful world of commenting.

DeborahSmith said...

I didn't think I had left...