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Monday, April 08, 2013

Gusts to 85 knots!

Yesterday's (and since I don't know when this will post "yesterday" is a bit nebulous) port call to Shanghai was cancelled due to weather. Seas were very rough. Winds steady at near hurricane strength with gusts at absurd levels. Since I have two more days in Shanghai on my way back home this is not a big deal for me.

On the plus side, we are now speeding toward Hong Kong to arrive a day early, giving us two days there.

This morning I swam for the first time. I did 70 laps in what I estimate to be a 10 m long pool. Although the ship is moving around a bit, it is impossible to notice while swimming. After my swim I jumped into the hot tub. There was a guy from France in there. He said enough to me that I figured out he was speaking French. I responded in my best French, "parlez petite Frances" which is probably incorrect but likely gets my point across even better.

Clearly he did not get my point or did not care. He talked and talked, adding in the occasional hand gesture that made even less sense to me than his French. My best guess: he was looking for someone to help him take over the world (he did say "monde" at some point). I declined by pointing at my mouth and saying "omelette du fromage" as I stood to exit the hot tub.

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