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Sunday, April 28, 2013

I did not see any used panty machines (Are those only in Tokyo?)

For Nagasaki, Japan, one of the major sites to see is Nagasaki Peace Park.I really expected something different.

And speaking of parking, I thought this was pretty ingenious. When you pull into the spot a metal barrier rises up preventing you from leaving until you pay at a central machine.
Of course, the parking machines should also have breathalyzers since the street beer vending machines do not.
I made mention of the ferris wheel in another post. Here's a picture from near the top.
Coming down the cable car (ropeway, as they call it) from Mt. Inasa, I saw what looked to be ruins or something. It was to far away for me to see so I snapped this zoomed picture but didn't look at it until I got home. Try to figure it out before clicking for the big version (in which it is pretty clear what this is).

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