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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Wall

This should have posted this past Saturday.

Got up first thing so I could catch the 9am train to Badaling to see part of the Great Wall. I had read that if you want a seat on the train you should arrive 30 minutes early. I got there at 8:30...and missed the train entirely.

The next train was at 11am which I did get a seat on. I'd guess you need to be an hour early to make the train. Maybe another half hour to get a seat. Advice: don't take the train unless you like standing in queues.

The Wall was mostly as expected but what I didn't expect was the steepness. It's quite the hike going up and down parts of it.

I hiked around for a couple hours and then headed back to take the 3pm train. After waiting from 2:30 until 3:30 it was clear I had bad information and the next train was at 4. Advice: don't take the train.

Starving, I decided to try Mr. Shi's for dumplings. Unfortunately I could not find it. I ended up at a Tibetan place catering to the youth hostel crowd. I had a Tibetan beer and some yak (taste and texture much like brisket).

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