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Sunday, April 14, 2013

May you live in interesting times

It has been quite an interesting day at sea. Around 5pm the captain announced that our port nacelle (I'm sure he didn't say "nacelle" but he should have) was in difficulty (he's British, they say stuff like that). We are limping toward Singapore and instead of 9am we hope to get to port by 1pm. (There is no poop flowing in the hallways so this might not have been on the news.)
Around 6:30 there was an announcement of a medical emergency and they needed a volunteer to donate O+ blood.
Around 10pm they announced a helicopter would be meeting the ship sometime around midnight to evacuate the crew member that had the medical emergency. Passengers on decks 11 and 12 central would need to evacuate their cabins for about an hour during the evacuation plan. 5 minutes later they repeat the announcement in German, Spanish and Russian.
At 10:30 they announce that the helicopter is on the and the expected arrival is now 11-11:15. A couple minutes later they repeat the announcement in the other 3 languages.
A few minutes later they announce no flash photography is allowed of the helicopter. They repeat this in 3 other languages.
I just was browsing through my passport and noted for Singapore, the penalty for drug trafficking is death.
The penalty for flash photography of helicopters was not listed but I'm taking no chances.

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