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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


About 15 years ago I went to the movies with my friend and her future husband. (I don't recall the name of the movie.) FH was sitting by the aisle, then my friend, then me. After the movie was over, FH and I got up to leave (FH actually started up the aisle) but my friend just sat there. After a few seconds I realized she wasn't making any effort to go.
"You okay?" I asked. FH meanwhile realized we were not behind him and returned. Clearly she was not okay and we both sat down and waited for her to gather herself together. The entire theater emptied, the credits finished, they were almost done cleaning the theater for the next show before we got back up to leave.
I guess my point is that some movies can have powerful effects on some people.

Last night I watched Crash and although I was able to walk after watching it, I found it to be a powerful and disturbing movie. I highly recommend it. As usual, I had no idea what the movie was about before seeing it and won't give away the plot. If you must know what it's about you can click the link above but I personally think it'll play better if you go in blind.


cluefairy said...
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cluefairy said...

Oops. I gave something away in my previous post, so I deleted it. Here is my post without spoiler:

I went and saw Crash by myself as nbh wasn't interested, nor anybody else I knew. I too felt kinda glued to my seat at the end. It was excellent. I'm hoping there are some Oscar nods (which is some of the buzz going on).

Anonymous said...

I picked up that movie a few months ago, not knowing what it was about and I have to say it was one of those movies that makes you lie awake at night. We just rented Hotel Rawanda.....Another great film. I gotta say we love Netflix!

Mrs. Mess

talljay said...

cf - Can I assume that nbh saw a trailer or something that turned him off the movie?

MM - I've seen near 600 movies in the 4+ years I've used Netflix. As long as you stay at/under the "throttling threshold" (which I think is 12 movies/month) it's fine. I just wish they were more open about it.

cluefairy said...

Jay - Uh....they were sued about the throttling, so that should be fixed. And it depends on what plan your on, right? We can have 3 at our house at a time. However, I've never heard that means only 12 a month...?

talljay said...

cf - Yep, they were sued but the case has not settled (the FTC has opposed the settlement).
I'm on the 3 at a time plan also. Usually I watch them on the weekend and return them Monday. Netflix almost always received them Tuesday and I got 3 new ones Wednesday. But a couple months ago (based on my billing date) I got 15 movies because there were 5 weekends instead of the usual 4 and, suddenly, Netflix received only 1 or 2 movies on Tuesday and the third, maybe, by Friday. And then they didn't send the new ones right away. They'd send them a day later. Now, again, I'm not sure if my 15 movie month was just a coincidence but the throttling is happening. (You can go into your account history and see how many movies you rented the last 3 months and there is also some way to have them e-mail you a list of all the movies you've rented.)

I don't have an issue with the throttling itself. I understand that more movies=more postage=less profit (or perhaps bigger losses). My problem is that they (even still) don't state this clearly (read the "Allocation, Delivery and Return of Rented DVDs" section of their proposed "Terms of Use"
If they would state "12 movies max per month or we'll throttle you" then I'd probably keep some movies longer and watch them again or watch all the extras or whatever. Or, if they lose money on me, they could just cancel my account.

To sum up, I'd prefer not to be throttled. If they are going to throttle, I'd like to know what will cause it so I can either a) avoid it or b) find some other way to rent movies.

cluefairy said...

AHhhh!! Thanks for the information....dang.