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Monday, January 23, 2006

Shout It To The Lord-uh

Even a Steelers or Seahawks fan would have to admit that yesterday's games were, if not downright boring, at least unsuspenseful (like that's a real word). How does this bode for the upcoming Superbowl? Make your voices heard!

How will the Superbowl compare to the Division Playoff games? (multiple answers allowed)
The Superbowl will be more boring. It always is.
How could any game be more boring than those playoff games?
The Superbowl ads will be better. Oh, wait, what was the question?
Joe Buck, please stick with baseball. You suck at football.
All I know is that if I die from boredom during the Superbowl, that I will go to heaven. Anybody have a link to the Superbowl Boredom prayer?
I didn't understand the previous answer because I didn't read the previous blog entry.

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cluefairy said...

You did not have the choice I felt should have been there, so I answered with the ads. I was amused that the other person who has voted answered the same.

My take? It's actually going to be a really good game. They're both strong teams and did well during the regular season. I'm looking forward to it.

mess said...

I agree with CF, but have not yet voted. I think that the game will be good, but my problem with the SB is that it has become such a big thing that the pregame starts at 6am. Now I'm big footbal fan, and not even I think that you can possibly talk about 1 game for 12 hours. Also, in an attemp to make it interesting to a wider audiance, there is so much other BS thrown in that you get a ton of people who have no interest in the game watching.

I was a SB party a while back where I was interested in watching the game. I could not because everyone else in the room wanted to watch the comercials and talk through the game. When I saod, can we be a bit more quite during the actual game or turn the volume up? I got a ton of nasty looks. "We are here to watch the comercials, not the football" was the tone I got back. I will likely not go to A SB party, but stay home and watch the game instead.

talljay said...

Damn. I can't even vote in my own poll. I guess it's 1 vote per IP (my company's) per day.

cf - What choice was missing? If you think the SB will be good then that's choice #2.

mess - I agree with you on the pregame stuff as long as you meant that it started 6am today!
I also agree that many people that go to SB parties have no interest in the game. The best parties I've been to usually set-up at least a couple different rooms and the people tend to segregate themselves into watchers and non-watchers. The funniest part is usually during the best best play of the game, one of the non-watchers will come in, stand right in front of the TV and ask how many people want hot dogs and how many want hamburgers.
I try not to take any of it too seriously, game or ads.

mess said...

I think that the correct strategy for a watcher is to arrive at the SB party at about 6:10. Kickoff is 6:20. That should give you the correct amount of time to get some food and a few beers and avoid SB fatigue. I agree that the best SB parties are segregated into several rooms. Each room should have generally accepted practices. So for example in the watchers room, no non-football related conversation will be tollerated during game play (Chearing/attacking players for stupid plays is acceptable). As well and no standing in front of the TV during the game. The punishment for violationg the rules is death.

cluefairy said...

Jay - I'm amused that you think it's obvious, because obviously it's not if I don't think that "It's going to be a good game" equates to "How could any game be more boring than those playoff games?"

That said, my take on #2 does not say "It's going to be good". For me, #2 implies that it could still be boring, but just not _as_ boring.

cluefairy said...

mess - i'm not having a party this year. just me, nbh, high def, kitties and food.

talljay said...

cf - I hear ya. I thought that it might have been something else entirely--which is why I asked. And I sure hope you're right.

Buck said...

I'd have to agree with Mess. Separate rooms that allow people to move in and out depending on their interaction to the SB would keep everyone happy, right? One room with painted faces and cheering and one with the salsa, keg, and people debating and voting on their fav commercials (www.spotbowl.com). Wherever the keg is will be my spot- that's all i know.

As far as the game goes, I think its gonna be close and without New England finally...Go Steelers!