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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Reason To Tailgate?

This morning on the way to work I did something I haven't done for many months, I listened to Howard Stern. The weird part is that I don't have a Sirius radio.

I was just listening to my normal station when I pulled up to light. I was directly behind a van. I'm guessing that the van had Sirius and used a transmitter set to the same frequency as the station I was listening to and, voila, there's Howard. I only got to hear a couple minutes but it sounded like he was talking to a guy who used to push the censorship button and one of the stations he was on. He was just bitching and whining about that sucked and how it's so great to be on satellite, blah, blah, blah.

So, thanks Howard (and the van driver) for the sneak peak. You reminded me why I stopped listening and it seems nothing much has changed. My curiosity satisfied, I surely will not be getting satellite radio any time soon.

Answer to the previous puzzler: on Monday I posted that Captcha thing.
The correct answer was 2. cogkkvw. (highlight to view answer)


Super sawyer said...

Stern is technicaly still broadcasting on public FM because most satellite radios re broadcast to your car radio on FM and subject to FCC rules


Talks about stern still being picked up on FM recievers if your happen to be parked beside one at a stop light

talljay said...

super - I don't see how he could be held responsible for that but the government has done stupider things so we'll see. Maybe they'll fine everyone using those mini-broadcasters.