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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ain't No Jean Georges

My parents are driving around the country taking in some sites. Between St. Louis and Denver they overnighted in Kansas. At the Kansas welcome center someone had told them the place to get the best BBQ ribs and when they got to their hotel, what do you think they saw? A brand new branch of that BBQ restaurant right across the street. No need to ask around about where to eat tonight!

There was a long line of people outside but my parents were in no hurry. And, of course there's a big line, it's the best ribs around! They waited for quite awhile and every so often the PA would call out "So and So, time to put your brand on the bar!" My parents surmised this was the cowboy way of telling people that their table was ready.

My parents finally got to the front of the line and my dad informed the hostess that they were two.

Hostess: Oh, we're not open. We don't open 'til next week.
Dad: What?

Apparently, this was the pre-opening ceremony where people actually come in with their branding irons (which were plugged in, inside) and brand where they want to sit at the bar. I don't know where they ended up eating; probably Stuckey's or something.

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