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Friday, May 12, 2006

Clinical Trials Reduce Suicide

How is this headline news? How is this news at all? I'll tell you how. The majority of people in the world are morons.

A recent analysis of clinical trial data on nearly 15,000 patients treated with both Paxil and dummy pills revealed a higher frequency of suicidal behavior in young adults treated with the drug, according to the letter.

The FDA reported that there were 11 suicide attempts -- none resulting in death -- among the patients who received Paxil in the trials. Just one of the dummy pill patients attempted suicide.

According to NIMH, the suicide rate in America is about 1 per 10,000 people and the attempted suicide rate is estimated at 8 to 25 times higher. So, why not have a headline screaming Patients on Placebos up to 18* times Less Likely to Attempt Suicide!

* - I'm assuming half the 15,000 got Paxil and half got a placebo. So 1:7500 = 1.3333:10,000 and 25/1.333~=18.

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