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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fuzzy Slippers

If you haven't seen Grizzly Man or In Her Shoes and you don't want to be influenced by what I have to say about them then stop reading now!

Grizzly Man is a documentary about a guy (Tim Treadwell) who can't deal with reality and essentially gets addicted to (and then eaten by) bears. I found it poorly put together (even worse than this review). The description (by, I presume, the medical examiner) of the audio tape of Treadwell being killed by a bear while yelling at his girlfriend to run and her staying, pounding the bear on the head with skillet, is truly horrifying. But then, at the end of the description, I can't figure out what's worse, the description or the M.E. The whole movie kind of comes off as an unintentional (or maybe not) freakshow.

As disappointing as Grizzly Man was, that's how surprisingly good In Her Shoes was. I won't give away any of the plot but it is simply an emotional rollercoaster. Bring tissues.

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