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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It Doesn't Cut The Custard Mustard

After waiting a whole day (I guess that's the Tantric part) to try the modified recipe, I have to give it the thumbs-down. It's certainly edible but it just doesn't have the smoothness of the custard. I'm going to try again (not soon) with 2 cups heavy cream and 1 cup light cream and also try heating them up. Hmm, as long as I'm heating it up, maybe I'll just throw in the egg yolks. :)

The good news for my office mates is that with edible ice cream in the house, I've got too many cookies around so the rest of the cookies are coming in tomorrow. Get those fat pants ready!

Anybody know how much pot costs these days? I'm asking because, playing disc golf today (without re-injuring myself), I was asked if I "want[ed] some ganj". I politely declined and played on through.

Jay's money saving tip of the day: If you smoke pot but are low on funds, take up disc golf as some of the players are likely to give you a hit or so for free.

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