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Sunday, December 31, 2006

And It Turns Your Urine Blue

Dad's out of ICU and doing well, other than being disgusted by the hospital food.

My older sister didn't visit today because she is sick. This despite taking some of that Airborne stuff. How is that possible? That stuff was formulated by a 2nd grade teacher! Who knows germs better than a 2nd grade teacher? How about a 1st grade teacher? How about anybody who took a semester of college biology?

And it has natural ingredients! Can I just point out that everyday I'm flushing natural ingredients. Also, ricin, a lethal poison, is naturally found in castor beans. How did the word "natural" become synonymous with "healthy"?

Why do people spend money on this snake oil? I will tell you why.

Because it's fizzy. People like fizzy.

Happy New Year

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