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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Part Of An "I'm Coming Unbalanced" Breakfast

I recently switched to the new Blogger beta. Hopefully, you won't notice anything except maybe that it works better/faster than before. If you do notice problems, please let me know. And now, on to the news.

I forgot to put out my garbage yesterday. This is not normally a big deal but I had planned to toss the leftover scrapple in it. I didn't want the scrapple fermenting or decomposing or whatever scrapple would do in an unrefrigerated state.

Coincidently, I started read The Lord of the Rings this week and it's got me thinking. Maybe the scrapple is like the ring. Although disgusted by it, I can't get rid of it. It has too much power. I feel like putting it in my pocketses. One offal loaf to rule them all!

It is bending my mind. I've probably got something like Creutzfeldt-Scrapple disease. Maybe it's just because it's getting late and I still haven't eaten breakfast. I've got an inexplicable urge to toast some scrapple with cinnamon.

Sing it with me:

Scrapple Jacks
Scrapple Jacks
Cinnamon toasty Scrapple Jacks!
You need a good breakfast, that's a fact
Start it with offal Scrapple Jacks
Scrapple Jacks
Scrapple Jacks

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