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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Maybe It's Mulva

My mom and my sister have been staying at a hotel near the hospital that my dad is at. There was some discussion of my mom not staying there tonight because of my sister's snoring. The conversation went something like this:

Mom: Well, it's your snoring.
Sister: I snore because I breathe through my mouth.
Dad: Maybe your vulva's in the way.
Sister: What!?
Dad: Your vulva. Maybe the air can't get past it.
(I missed something at this point because I was hysterical with laughter.)
Dad: That thingee at the back of your throat.
Sister: Da-a-ad. That's your uvula.

Later, after the shift change, the night nurse came in. My dad noted that she was there the previous night.

Dad (to nurse): I'm sorry but I forgot your name. I know it started with an M.
Nurse: An M?
Dad: What is it again?
Nurse: Beryl.
Dad: Well, that's close.
Nurse (laughing): How is that close?
Dad: Uhm.....Beryl is my favorite nurse. Did I tell you how nice Beryl is?
Nurse: OK. We'll let that one slide.


Jay's sister said...

I really don't snore! (you have to love brothers!)

talljay said...