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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Horse Doesn't Change Its Spots

Going in for major surgery, you'd think that being able to hear correctly might come in handy. Where does it hurt? Which foot are we taking off? So, you're here for your sex change? It would be good to answer those correctly.

Me: Did Mom get her appointment changed?
Dad: Mom got on an airplane???

I wonder if he has actually lost his hearing do to some physical problem or maybe it a psychological response to conversations like this:

Mom (watching CNBC): This stock is down from about 15 to less than 5 today.
Me: The results didn't look good with their drug.
Mom: They're probably a one horse pony.

Does my dad really need a triple-bypass? Or did they tell him just tell him he had "a ripply ass"? I sure hope those doctors have all their ducks in a goose.

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