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Saturday, November 05, 2005

5000 Calories of Heaven

I made a couple of adjustments from the recipe. I used cocoa powder/sugar/butter instead of bittersweet chocolate and baked this baby at 300 without a water bath for 1 hour and then another hour at 250 and another just sitting in the oven, the whole time with a big pan of water on the bottom rack.

And now it's in the fridge and I won't have piece until tomorrow. Oh, the humanity.

Please call first if you're coming over. ;)


cluefairy said...

I wish I liked cheesecake. Can I just eat the brownie crust? When Chris doesn't feel like sharing dessert with me, he orders cheesecake. It's a "Jenn Proof" dessert. :-)

talljay said...

cf - "Jenn Proof" heh. If I didn't tell you this was cheesecake you might not even know; it tastes so much like pumpkin pie. Or you can eat the crust and nbh can eat the cake. :)