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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Not That Golf

While hiking around the woods near my home I discovered a Frisbee Disc Golf course tucked away there. So today I grabbed my two frisbees that I have and headed out. My goal: find every hole. I am happy to report I met my goal.

I happened by a few other people playing. Each felt the need to tell me that there are special golfing discs that fly further, straighter, through trees or what-have-you. I was very cordial and thanked them all. I ended up playing the last 12 holes with a couple college guys. Without them I would likely not have found all the holes. Overall, I played okay, given that I was using the "wrong" discs. :)


mess said...

I usually play with generic Ultimat discs. I have found that if you just want to play to play these are better and easier to play with. The golf discs are much harder to throw and require a lot of practice.


talljay said...

Thanks mess. From what I saw yesterday I wouldn't disagree. Though the guys I was playing with could throw their discs twice as far as I could throw mine, they spent much of their time stomping through the woods trying to find them. If we would have kept score I don't think I would have lost by much.

mess said...

That is the thing with golf discs. To get to the point where you can throw them far and strating sonsistently is really hard. They are very sensetive and tend to have natural curves in their flight path so you have to know how to controll the curve. I like to just go out and throw