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Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Urinal-isys

Today's urinal story is about multi-tasking. With all the layoffs at my company over the last 5 years (2/3 of the company is gone), each person is responsible for more work. Some people choose to "Work Harder, Not Smarder", others simply work during break time.

This guy was standing at the urinal, plow in one hand, cell phone in the other, apparently checking voicemail. My bathroom spy did not see how he "wrapped things up" at the urinal but he was still on the phone at the sink. Generally, when finished with the urinal, it takes two hands to zip things back up so Kudos to this one-handed wonder.

So where is this all leading? To a poll, of course. But since polls don't generate much feedback we'll do it the old fashioned way.
Is it bad manners to talk on the phone in the bathroom? What about checking voicemail? What about text messaging? Does it matter if the bathroom is public or private?


nbh@cluefairy.com said...

The correct thing to do, if he's talking to an actual person, is to start yelling as loud as you can "Hey! the guy you are talking to is currently taking a piss!!! How does that make you feel??????"

If I was on the phone with someone, I'd prefer that they not be eliminating, but that's just me :-)

talljay said...

cfnbh - Personally, I'd much rather have someone call me while they're taking a piss vs. talking to me while I'm trying to take a piss.

cluefairy said...

I can't go to the bathroom and use a cell phone. I don't want someone knowing I'm peeing when I'm talking to them. Text messaging, tho, is fine....

Anonymous said...

I often use the phone while sitting on the commode in the Senate chamber. This is quite a feat considering my head is usually up my ass trying to clean out all the santorum. Pretty picture I've conjured up here, huh?

Have a nice day, pinko.

Rick S.

P.S. -- Two stories from me linked together in a single blog entry... do I win a prize?

talljay said...

cf - Now, if you get a text message from someone, won't you always be wondering?

RS - Just because you use your office as a toilet doesn't make it a bathroom. If you want your prize you will need to play nice with the rest of the children.