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Thursday, November 03, 2005

What the F. Buckley?

If you happened to read today's Buckley column (and I don't recommend it) you will likely be stumped by the use of the word "tricoteuses".

After much research, it would appear that this is French for "knitter". If only I knew the French word for "pompous ass", I could perfectly describe further what I think of this.


rv said...

Perhaps you will find this site useful in your quest.

talljay said...

Thanks, rv. Good stuff there like:
7. He's a schmuck, an ass | il est con, vieux scnock, tete de cochon, de
| lard, jean-foutre, bourrique, conasse, con | comme un balai
22. a. ass, arse | le cul, le durche
| le derierre, fesse (backside = le popotin)
50. asshole | trou de balle