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Friday, November 18, 2005

The Right Stuff

Thanksgiving approaches and I wanted to share this tidbit from a wine tasting class I took. One of the wines we tasted was a gerwertztraminer (I think it's pronounced geh-VERTS-tra-meen-er). I did not like it as it has a somewhat grapefruit-y flavor. Our instructor advised us that he thinks this wine goes perfectly with roast turkey. (He did not say anything about Tofurky so you are on your own there.)
Well, despite not liking the wine in the first place, I got it anyway one year and damn if I didn't like it. Maybe because it was a different brand, maybe my tastes had changed, maybe it's psychological or maybe, just maybe, it just goes well with turkey. I don't know but I'm getting a bottle or two for this year's feast.
Speaking of which, I'm heading to the land of warmth and sunshine to be with my family for the holiday. They had phone service for a few days but they are out again so don't expect to see me until after Thanksgiving.

I wish all my friends, a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.


cluefairy said...

Have a good Thanksgiving, Jay!

talljay said...

cf - Thank you. Hope yours was as good as mine. :)