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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Eyes On The Prize(s)

WARNING: The following is probably not work safe. If it is work safe, please let me know if your company is hiring. Thanks.

I keep forgetting to post this Concentration Test (it says it's for males but I think it works just as well for females). Let me know if you can pass it on the first try.


amoose said...


I did this test and the first time it said I was wrong. I was watching the cups so intently, I did not even notice the picture at the bottom until the cups stopped moving! I was incensed! I didn't believe I was wrong! It wasn't even hard to follow. I did it many more times and was never wrong. Hmmmm... does this mean I have an implicit bias preference cups and balls with breasts?

talljay said...

Whether you are correct or not, it will always tell you you are wrong the first time through. How many times I reloaded to figure this out I won't say.