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Friday, March 10, 2006

Get OUT!

I heard this song

He hurt his dong

three, maybe four times

It's got a lot of rhymes

while visiting my friends

he's at his wit's end

in the city Austin.

in his little coffin

That was a month ago.

that was sure a nice show

Would somebody please get this frickin' song
outta my head!

Or he'll soon be dead!



amoose said...


The curse of the children's musician. I of course did not understand your post until I clicked on the link. I somehow thought the red lines were the actual song and I thought, when did Jay hear this? I've got to check out this song. Then, the reality faced me squarely and I thought, "There you go being clever again.". Eli would be proud.

talljay said...

The good news is I successfully pushed the song out...by replacing it with Particle Man (by They Might Be Giants)