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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Blame All This On Catholicism

Update: With all the links, I forgot to put in the one that I thought was the best article. That is now corrected along with my other typos (thanks to my editor).

Maybe it's just me but there seems to be a high level of abortion-related news lately. There was, of course, the S. Dakota ban. BTW, if you read it, you'll find that only the performer and not the performee would be committing a crime. Is there any other crime a person can willingly facilitate but lawfully not be held culpable in any way?

There's also been the recent RU-486 news. Six or seven women have died after taking it. That might seem horrifying if you're only getting part of the story (from a self-proclaimed "reliable" source). Or, you might find that that's out of several hundred thousand woman who'd taken it and think that doesn't sound so high. How many people die after taking an aspirin?

Or perhaps you heard that "abortion advocates" are vandalizing pro-life ads and were appalled "that abortion advocates don't respect free speech." Assuming that the people doing this are pro-choice (and I haven't seen evidence that they are), how does this compare to the perfectly sane pro-lifers?

How about the news that Amazon is changing their search engine to no longer ask if you meant "adoption" when searching for "abortion"?

Or Michigan's new bill that would make it illegal to coerce a woman to have an abortion.

Which brings up the recent topic of Matt Dubay who is suing to not be on the hook for child support. This is the best article I've read on the subject but it sadly leaves out several important scenarios such as when one party purposely lies or misleads the other party (for example, claiming they are sterile when they know they are not--that is discussed here). It also ignores the often non-existent rights of fathers to prevent their children from being placed into adoption (sorry, can't find a link for that one). Or how in some cases a person can be made to support a child that is not biologically theirs.

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