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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Prairie Dogging Eliminated

Based on my last post post, someone sent me a link for a "weight gain" device.

I told them that anyone that says they've gained weight using that device is just full of sh*t.


DeborahSmith said...

Ok... So I must be missing something. How does the headline Prairie Dogging Eliminated?? Or is this one of those things that it's better not to know?

talljay said...

It's (thankfully) an obscure quote from the movie Rat Race.

Whether you want to know or not, I doubt you can withstand the temptation to find out.

DeborahSmith said...

The only quote I remember from that movie is the Mr. Bean quote "I'm vinning. I'm vinning the vace." and "I've got goosepimples." I love Mr. Bean

talljay said...

I didn't even remember that Mr. Bean was in the movie.