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Monday, August 13, 2007

Now You Too Can Play With My Monkey

Here's an update for those of you wondering who, if anyone, is beating my monkey.

So far, it has been a tame year for hurricanes in the Atlantic. Because of this, both the NOAA and William Gray of Colorado State have lowered their predictions for the number of hurricanes this year to nine and eight storms, respectively. Apparently, the NOAA and Gray feel that predicting hurricanes is equivalent to Microsoft's "Estimated time to download" applet that bounces between 4 hours and 3 hours and never actually ticks down the seconds. It might as well say "Random amount of time".

I thought, if these guys can change their predictions than maybe I should play with my monkey again and see what he spits out. Alas, I was too tired yesterday to shoot my monkey on the stairs. So, tonight when I get home, I'll grab my monkey and see if we have a new prediction.

If anyone else would like to use my monkey for a prediction. Please send you name, question and topless photo to monkey at talljay (dotcom of course).

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