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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Are You An Ass-In Man?

If you are looking for parallel, this is not the blog you're looking for. Please move along.

Now that the weak minded have left us, let us discuss head-in vs. ass-in, shall we? Most people have a pretty good grasp on head-in. They might do head-in every day, maybe several times a day. All this practice adds up and it is rare that a head-in fiasco is seen.

But not everyone likes to be part of the herd. Some prefer ass-in. Maybe they've grown tired of the same head-in every day. Maybe they like the quick get-away aspect of the ass-in. Maybe they are just showing off.

One thing I've noted is that people that prefer ass-in are almost exclusively male. Most of the ass-in people prefer to do it in either a sports car or truck. I actually saw someone trying do go ass-in in a minivan this morning and boy was that funny. Like that python that exploded eating an alligator.

Sometimes, given the opportunity, people will go head-in and go so deep in that it will actually appear that they've gone ass-in from a different direction. Both men and women will do this "faux ass-in". I wonder if they think they are fooling anyone.

Which do you prefer?
I'm pretty conservative. I only do head-in.
I like variety. Head-in. Ass-in. What ever works at the time.
Once you try ass-in, you either love it or hate it. And I love it!

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