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Saturday, October 29, 2005

No Phones, No Lights

And almost no motor cars. My family in Florida is still without power. They also lost phone service the day after the Wilma. Luckily their cell phone are working. Also, the supermarket near them has been open.
They went out yesterday to look for a car charger for their phone and hunt for gas. They charged their cell once outside the supermarket. A security guard approached them and told them they couldn't do that but this ridiculous situation was diffused since my dad knew the security guard. They also charged it once in a restaurant that was open. They didn't notice that their phone needed charging until the end of the meal and then they had a "loooooooonnnnng cup of coffee". Mid to late Nov. is when they were told they'd have power back.

My nephews' school is closed and is day-to-day. No power at their house either. They got gas the other day. That's actually a big event these days. My sister heard on the radio that a tanker was heading to a certain station and they drove there to meet it.

My other sister is spending a lot of time with her friend, who now looks like a genius, that has a whole house generator which runs on natural gas.

Overall, everyone is good spirits, all things considered.

10/31/2005 - Update - Apparently the people who say when things will be working (let's call them "management") have no idea what the people on the lines (let's call them "engineers") are doing. Power came back up last night. :)


cluefairy said...

mid-to-late november?? Yikes.

Zimbo said...

Looks like company for Thanksgiving...

Jay's Sister said...

Ok.. it's Jays sister again.. My friend with the whole house generator is still WITHOUT power. Good news is this year she is one of the lucky ones WITH a generator. Last year during hurricanes Jeanne and Francis we were both "have nots" and had to listen to the constant engines running of the people who "had" generators at their homes. I am still as "have not".
Murphy's Law-- when I heard how long it was going to be to get power, I went to Panera Bread where I could get an internet connection (and plug in my laptop). I went to HOMEDEPOT.COM to buy a portable A/C unit to plug into my neighbors generator. This was last Sunday evening. About 4 hours after I placed my order, the electric came on in my home. I still don't have the a/c unit.