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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Teach, Your Children Well

What kind of crazy online advice person would say something like this (for a man who is walking around naked infront of his kids)?

My suggested aversion therapy: The next time he makes his grand entrance, your daughter and the girls should point at his lower midsection and start laughing.
Guess what? It's Dear Abby!


cluefairy said...

I don’t know what your point is.

Father walks around nude in front of daughters. Ewww.

Daughters and mother do what they should when someone in the family behaves in a way that they feel is disrespectful: They ask him to stop and tell him why it bothers them.

Father doesn’t change anything. This now shows that he not only doesn’t respect boundaries, he doesn’t respect them.

So far, I’m seeing some very healthy kids and mom try to get their wishes respected and actually telling him what they think. If anything, so far the children have learned that you don’t have to respect someone else’s boundaries (from the father).

So, at this point, it seems to me, the gloves are off. I’m not sure this would have been the next idea for trying to fix this problem if I were in that situation, but frankly, I think it’s funny as all get out and I hope it works.

talljay said...

Don't misunderstand, I am not defending this turd. (And I'm calling him a turd because he appears so disdainful toward his wife, but we are only hearing one version of the story).
Not only do I think the advice is poor (mainly in that I don't think it has any chance to work and teaches poor behavior) but this is simply not the kind of thing you expect to hear from Dear Abby.

cluefairy said...

While I'm still amused by the idea, in the end, it just contributes to the disrespectful environment that's obviously rampant in that household.