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Monday, October 24, 2005

Not The French

Here's a couple of frog stories from my sister:

FS1: My sister is standing outside a few days ago talking to her neighbor when she hears a sound like "thumthumthum". "Did you hear that?" Soon, "thumthumthum". It was getting dark so they grabbed a flashlight and started to investigate. The sound led them to the AC compressor, which was running but the sound had stopped. Inside the AC housing they found a frog who had been "not decapitated...like deleggitated". Poor guy.

FS2: My sister stayed with her friend during the hurricane. After the eye had passed over, they were watching through the window as the fierce windows picked back up to gale force. Out in the street they saw a frog trying to cross. With a gust or attempted leap, the frog would start tumbling down the street like a...a...like a tumble frog. My sister's friend could not bear the site, she rushed outside, barely able to stand chasing the frog which immediately tried to get away...by hopping...and tumbling. Oh, the frogmanity! (Or is it hufrogity?) Well, my friends, she caught that frog and put him in the bushes...which promptly blew away. (I'm just kidding about that last part.)

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