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Friday, October 14, 2005

People Search For Ass

Interestlingly, many recent hits to my blog came from people searching for the word "ass". I wonder what would happen if I put the word "sex", "nude" or "naked" in my blog. I'll have try that some time.

My work e-mail has been the proud recipient of much spam recently. Fortunately, my company has a great spam filter in place. Instead of actually receiving the spam e-mail, my company replaces it with an e-mail with the Subject, Sender and Percentage Chance of it being Spam. Here's an example I received:

  • 88% shelled@niehaus.com YOU WANT SOME OUTRIGHT SEX - DON'T YOU?
  • 92% muscled@listyourhome.com Are you happy about your size and sexual performance?
I just thought it was funny that these were deemed to have a 12% and 8% chance of being legitimate business e-mails.

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